Approximately a little over hundred millions Americans buy lotteries each year and the two most popular and well known lotteries are Powerball and Mega millions. Their popularity can be ascribed to the huge price money which can be anywhere between ten million dollars to a few hundred million.

Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Mississippi, Alabama and Utah are the only states that ban lotteries in the US. Ofcourse, that needn’t stop you from driving across the state border and buying a ticket to a possibly rich future.

The factors that determine a better choice are:

  • Odds of winning – they are stacked in favor of Mega millions.
  • Expected return on your money – Again Mega millions chances are high.
  • Size of the jackpot – Here the scale is tilted in favor of Powerball with a 40 million jackpot for starters while mega million is only 12 million.

Finally, you shouldbe aware of the drawbacks of winning a lottery too.
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